SCC Committee Meeting Minutes: August 18, 2015

Our committee, including representatives from all four of our advocacy planks, meets every other week to regroup and coordinate our efforts. Below are our minutes from August 18.

Advocacy Committee, led by Amber Small; focused on media efforts and outreach

Plan to outreach at some of remaining community festivals this summer; we will need volunteers. Events include:

  • Music Is Art
  • Elmwood Festival
  • Need materials: brochures, display boards, large vinyl banner of final design plan graphic, SCC logo; display board of short term improvements, bike/ped plan, cross sections, renderings etc.
  • Brian to make recommendations; Kerri to get quotes
  • Plan to make specific outreach to organizations:
    • Mike DeLuca will be speaking with Vision Niagara on Wednesday.
    • Brian to send presentation to Mike.

Thea has been working on updates to Facebook and Website:

  • Plans to add detailed timeline of advocacy efforts and testimonials.
  • Will outreach to Brian for additional info.
  • Thea needs access to website as an Admin. Alan needs to change her status.
    • In WordPress – under users – change editor to publisher.
    • Thea, Justin and Amber should all have access.
  • Thea has created a twitter account – @rightsize198…should give a shout out.

Schedule press conference at Point of the Meadow for 8/31.

No general email was sent out after the last meeting; should prepare an email for short term press event as follow up to group

Design Committee, led by Lou; focused on future design of corridor

At meeting on 8/6 @ Lou’s house:

  • Discussed project background; general discussion of individual thoughts on corridor
  • Focus on Vision for Future, not getting caught up on design details
  • Recommendation to educate public on EPP recommendations for short term
    • Need to provide access to document for committee and public
    • BOPC working on flipbook
  • Recommendation to advocate NYSDOT for ITE Standards Manual
  • NYSDOT has stated they do not want to meet with individual groups
  • BOPC planning to request meeting to discuss all operational issues relating to short term improvements.

Next meeting on 8/26 @ 7pm (Parkside Lodge)

Events Committee, led by Kerri Markovich; focused on awareness advocacy

  • Recommendation to schedule press conference for the last day of the month (8/31) at Point of the Meadow to discuss delays in short term improvements implementation.
  • Assemblyman Ryan’s Office has outreached to Region 5, Albany, and Governor’s office regarding possible shutdown event:  awaiting response.

Government Committee, led by Brian Dold; focused on government coordination for SCC 

  • Set up meeting w GBNRTC – 8/24/15 @12:30 (PhillipsLytle)
  • Continued plan for outreach to elected, specifically Hochul

Press Conference

  • Planned for 8/31
  • Further coordination required by email:
    • Speakers
    • Talking points
    • Time
    • Support materials