SCC Holding Public Gathering Today in Delaware Park

The Scajaquada Corridor Coalition (SCC), a group of organizations with an interest in improving the Scajaquada area, will gather at 11 am today in Delaware Park’s Point of the Meadow to discuss changes to the roadway that the NYS Department of Transportation has yet to make.

The SCC would like to applaud Governor Cuomo for his expediency in making this corridor safer, the community has eagerly awaited this transformation for over a decade, however; the timeline for implementation of all the short-term changes identified by NYSDOT has already expired, and the SCC is very concerned that some of these key components will be further delayed,” said SCC spokesperson Justin Booth.

“The SCC has received significant public input from citizens, businesses, institutions and public leaders alike, with the vast majority supporting the Scajaquada’s return to a parkway. The SCC would like to see continued progress and a timeline on when we will see the completion of the short term measures and a timeline to begin developing the long term plan.”

Previously this summer, the public was assured that changes would be implemented by the end of August on the former Scajaquada Expressway. Among those changes were signalized pedestrian crossings and raised crosswalks, lane width reduction and a restriping of the roadway. These changes were announced by the NYSDOT on July 6, but the pedestrian crossings have yet to be implemented.

“The long-term changes included in the 2004 Expanded Project Proposal provided by the NYS Department of Transportation are strongly supported by the SCC. That plan also provided more immediate changes needed to begin the transition, and repair damages done by the roadway to Delaware Park,” said SCC Steering Committee member and Landscape Architect, Brian Dold. “Much work was already completed a decade ago and we would like to encourage NYSDOT to be more prudent in the implementation of this plan previously vetted by the community.”

“The speed-limit reduction has benefited the Parkside community, but we need more permanent changes to be implemented for pedestrian and driver safety,” said Michael DeLuca, Chair of the Parkside Community Association’s Traffic Committee and SCC Steering Committee member. “The Parkside Community Association has pursued right sizing the Scajaquada Expressway since early 2000s. Throughout this effort, our community has been clear that parkway condition at a low speed is needed. This lowered speed limit, coupled with additional traffic calming techniques along the entire length of the expressway, is essential to reconnecting the many communities that have been divided and damaged by this roadway.”