The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy Calls for One Interchange at Delaware Avenue

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, a member of the Scajaquada Corridor Coalition, unveiled its vision for the reconstructed Scajaquada Drive interchange at Delaware Avenue.

“The one interchange solution will restore the unity of Delaware Park as Frederick Law Olmsted planned it, and as it existed for generations of Buffalonians and park users before an expressway was  introduced into the pastoral setting,” said Alan Bozer, chairperson of SCC’s Government Relations Committee and a Trustee of the Conservancy.  “This will re-unite the Meadow with Hoyt Lake” as it existed and as it was intended,” he added.

One of the plans currently being considered by NYSDOT call for two intersections.  “The two intersection idea is clearly inferior as it doubles the points of congestion. It also places a major intersection within a few yards of where hundreds of Delaware Soccer Club kids play soccer on a daily basis,” said Bozer, a former president of the Club.  “We deserve better.”