DOT’s Way or the Highway!

The presentation of August 9 disappointed the community’s interest in restoring and enhancing venerable Delaware Park.   The big picture, is about correcting a mistake from the 1950’s, which Albany officials recognize as a “sin,” and about restoring Olmsted’s vision for Buffalo’s crown-jewel of parks.

The SCC favored one intersection solution to crossing Delaware Avenue (as pictured) remains achievable notwithstanding doomsday predictions.  Delaware Park will never win an argument over whether traffic will run through it faster if more cement is poured atop, but even so this is a choice of the lesser of evils.  Albany’s current plan places a massive, signaled intersection within yards of hundreds of kids playing soccer, as well as a number of pedestrian crossings, all of which will slow traffic.

If Albany’s stated threat stands to take its money and go home if we do not accept their current plan, then the answer is simple – we have waited sixty years to correct the mistakes of the 1950s and to restore the Olmsted vision.  Better to correct it properly and wait a few years than to accept further degradation of our nationally recognized Park.