DOT Pulls the Blinds!

DOT held a public meeting at the Broadway Market on the East Side this afternoon November 28, 2017.  Several members of the SCC showed up to say hello and carried posters to let DOT know that we care about what they plan to do with our Park, and to promise that we are not going away. The picketing was informational and non-confrontational.

SCC member Alan Bozer peered in the window and saw four DOT representatives with three others – turned out two of those were other public officials. Then DOT pulled the blinds on Bozer.  Sigh, the DOT holds meetings at inconvenient times (4pm on a work day, really?) and nobody comes, then shuts out anyone who doesn’t hold their views.

Thank you to all who attended.  More to come!

3 thoughts on “DOT Pulls the Blinds!”

  1. Build 2 short tunnels, from Parkside to the bridge, from the bridge to mirror lake, a simple lowering of the road, a walls and roof covered in earth and this all disappears. We have these running under our farm fields here in Switzerland where I like now. My mother was on the Delaware Park Steering Committee in the ’70’s, she would approve of this idea as it is not overly expensive and restores a masterpiece.

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