DOT to Cut Down 346 Trees and Take 14 Acres of Parkland!

The DOT devastated Humboldt Parkway in the 1950s, turning one of America’s great urban parkways into a cement canyon that separated what was once a thriving community.  The DOT traffic engineers cut down the trees and took parkland “to modernize” our city.

Now they are at it again.  The DOT’s plans for the”improvement” of Rt. 198 includes taking 14 acres of public parkland.   The DOT traffic engineers will continue the division of Delaware Park to make it easier for traffic to flow through our park.   Their plans are disclosed in a footnote hundreds of pages into their Final EIS (page 5-6, fn. 3).

The DOT also admits that it plans to cut down 346 trees, something hidden in its tables of “statistics.” (FEIS page 1-20, Ex. 1.4).

The “Olmsted Tree” (above) has lived in the Meadow for centuries.  It has seen many changes.  It does not deserve to lose 346 of its friends and neighbors.

DOT’s FEIS statement of intent to cut down 346 trees as an improvement to our “Habitat”:

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