Advocacy Committee

Our advocacy committee is working on preparing position papers and communicating with the media for the SCC.

Our Goals:

  • Reach as many people as possible in the community to ensure the redesign is beneficial to the majority of people
  • Make a sustainable and liveable environment by planning:
    • to promote, to preserve, and to restore intermodal transportation within Delaware Park,
    • to enhance the Park by reuniting the Meadow with Hoyt Lake by restoring the Delaware Avenue Bridge to the use it had for generations of park users; and
    • to enhance the adjacent Parkways to provide quality, Olmsted park experiences for current and future generations; and
    • to create a marketing and communications plan to educate the community on the benefits of downgrade options or complete removal of the Scajaquada Expressway from Parkside to Grant Street, including traffic calming at the junction of Route 33 and Main Street; and restoration of Humboldt Parkway from Main Street to Agassiz Place; and
    • to advocate for environmental responsibility as it relates to development and changes within the Scajaquada Corridor, and
    • to restore and right-size Scajaquada Creek, and the East Bay of Hoyt Lake; and
    • to develop an in-depth traffic study and impact analysis, to develop possible solutions to improve safety, to reduce speeds, to provide greater pedestrian access and to improve park access within the Parkside Community area, and to maintain access to local institutions within the “Olmsted Crescent.”